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Identity and Credit Monitoring.

Change of Address Monitoring:

Criminals typically change the physical address of your mail to gain access to your personal information. They're after your credit card statements, bills, and other financial documents. For this reason, it's very important to monitor for change of address. With our credit and identity theft monitoring service, IdentityForce monitors and alerts you if your mail has been redirected through USPS without your authorization with our credit and identity theft monitoring service.

Court Record Monitoring:

IdentityForce has the power to search millions of criminal, court, and public records to make sure your identity is not being used by unauthorized individuals.

Credit Report Monitoring:

It's so important to keep an eye on your credit by scouring your credit reports. Good credit ensures lower interest loans on cars and mortgages. Bad credit can limit your access to any loan, mobile phone purchases, even your ability to rent an apartment. IdentityForce constantly monitors your credit files every day to look for key changes such as the opening of new accounts, credit inquiries, exceeding credit limit, or missed payments.

Identity Monitoring:

Our online lifestyles leave us more vulnerable than ever to identity theft. IdentityForce scours thousands of websites, black market chat rooms, blogs, and other data sources to detect the illegal trading and selling of your personal information. Our advanced technology sends prompt alerts so you can take immediate action.

Payday Loan Monitoring:

Sometimes a criminal will obtain a payday or quick cash loan using your social security number. These loans have incredibly high interest rates and can really damage your credit and finances. IdentityForce thoroughly monitors for this type of illegal activity.

​Fraud Monitoring:

With Fraud Monitoring, you are promptly notified if your identity is being used to apply for a new credit card, wireless device, utility payments, check reorder, mortgage or car loan application. This gives you the power to stop fraud attempts rather than having to react after the damage is already done.

​Sex Offender Monitoring:

IdentityForce keeps a close eye on sex offender registries to monitor for illegal use of your identity. We conduct in-depth searches to find out if a sex offender fraudulently used your personal data as their registration information, or if a sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

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