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Accurate, Affordable & Accredited Background Screening.
Let the Professionals Help You Unlock the Power of Background Screening.

DDDLoans and Trak-1 Technology offer DDDLoans customers the opportunity to use background screening services.

Trak-1 provides the background screening information you need to make objective quality hiring or tenant decisions – every time.

In the world of insurance and risk management, Trak-1 delivers solutions that uncover gaps no other company can. 

Employment Screening
Resident Screening
Volunteer Screening
Volunteer Management
Perform international verifications and references in over 250 countries

No business is without risk, whether its employee, volunteer or consumer risk. Trak-1 Technology's services can help.

National Criminal Background Screening
County Criminal Records
Credit Reports
Motor Vehicle Reports
Drug Testing
Eviction Records
And more

It's easy to get started.

Whether you are looking for good people for your business or working with a client to protect their business, Trak-1 can help.

Visit Trak-1 online to learn more. An experienced Trak-1 team member will give you a call, answer any questions you have and walk you through their services.

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For more information on background screening, Click Here to request information or call 1.800.600.8999 and identify yourself as a DDDLoans customer or friend!

DDDLoans has partnered with TRAK-1 for background screening. TRAK-1 is a nationally accredited background screening firm by NAPBS. (National Association of Professional Background Screeners). Trak-1 is an industry leader in delivering FCRA-compliant information.

Background Screening:

Background Screening is also known as Background Checks, Employment Screening and Pre-Employment Screening.